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Welcome! premium stone gallery International
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About Premium Stone Gallery

--What is premium stone gallery?


Our shop was opened with the desire to deliver high quality natural stones to everyone who truly loves natural stones.

Since the distribution volume is very small in the domestic market, we select and provide grade natural stones that are difficult to find. Please enjoy yourself slowly.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

-Our commitment-

1. 1. Only handle high quality natural stones that I am satisfied with

It has been more than 15 years since natural stones have become commonplace in Japan.

It is now common for shopping malls to have natural stone shops.

However, few shops offer the high quality natural stones that true natural stone fans want.

There are shops in the metropolitan area that are working hard on the product lineup, but even so, there are only a few really high quality natural stones.

After all, high-quality natural stones are expensive at the time of purchase, so it is difficult to keep them in stock at shops with limited funds.

However, even if there are only a few items to handle, it is still good if there are such shops in your area.

The reality is that there is no way to get high-quality natural stones in regions where there are no shops that are focusing on it.

I feel that wearing high quality natural stones is no longer a "status".

It is a well-known story that overseas Chinese have obtained high-quality rutile quartz in a competitive manner, and the quality is an appeal of wealth.

Since there is an aspect of "status" in this way, I would like to deliver only natural stones of quality that anyone can see.

Some people may say that they want power from natural stones.

However, the high quality of natural stone cannot be ignored.

The natural stones introduced in our shop are only available in quality that anyone can understand.

I pick up everything and check it, and I have a lineup of products in the shop that I can introduce to customers with confidence and satisfaction.



You can be convinced
Discerning high quality



2. 2. We will sell at a reasonable price

There are some shops in Japan that sell high quality natural stones, though only a few.

What I feel about these shops is that they are "too expensive".

Of course, high-quality natural stones are a fierce purchasing battle for buyers around the world, so it is natural that the purchasing price will be high.

However, the price is still too high.

There is a clear reason why the price is too high.

It simply means that the purchasing route is poor.

There are all kinds of natural stone purchasing routes.

Even if you try to purchase natural stones of the same quality, the price difference may be several times higher depending on the route.

If the purchase price goes up, it goes without saying that the retail price goes up.

Also, if the purchasing route is poor, it may not be possible to purchase high-quality natural stones in the first place.

Low quality items are easy to purchase. If you are a domestic wholesaler or if you are doing a little harder, you will go to China to purchase.

However, really high quality natural stones require a special purchasing route. What do you think the shop will do if it is difficult to purchase?

In order to make a big profit from that one point, we will sell at the retail price, which is a considerable profit from the purchase price.

You probably don't want to easily sell high-quality natural stones that are rarely available.

We have the strongest purchasing route in Japan, so you don't have to sell it at a high price like other shops.

We will deliver high quality natural stone at a reasonable price. 

高品質な商品を 適正価格でご提供


High quality products
Offer at a reasonable price





3. 3. We will show you the real "as is"

This time, I will guide you to natural stones, but I myself was originally an ordinary purchaser.

I bought natural stones in various colors at Yahoo auctions and Rakuten.

However, very unfortunately, there were countless times when I was disappointed when I received the real thing, even though it was so beautiful when I saw it on the Internet.

Maybe you have a similar experience.

Personally, I liked rutile quartz very much and often bought it on the Internet, but I don't know how many times the crystal part that looked clear in the image was cloudy when it arrived.

It shouldn't be, but some shops process images after taking a picture of the product.

Erasing cracks and inclusions can be easily done by anyone who touches a computer for a while. Actually I can do it too.

With the rutile quartz mentioned above, you can manipulate the tone curve to beautify the golden tint, and use level correction to accentuate the black and emphasize the highlights, making it look very beautiful, even if it's not very good. You can do things.

I don't want my customers to experience the "disappointment" I have experienced in the past.

Rather, I would like you to be impressed by the beauty of the product when it arrives and is opened.

Again, I can also process images.

However, even if you sell it to your customers in such a false manner, the bad reputation will spread quickly.

That is the time.

Therefore, in our shop, we are careful not to make the image far from the real thing.

Of course, the color may change slightly depending on the monitor environment you are viewing, but we do not intentionally change the color here.

We collect only high quality natural stones, but since they are natural, sometimes the crystals may be slightly cloudy or have inclusions.

In that case, such a part is also projected "as is".

Thanks to you, 97% of our customers are pleased that we have received something better than the photo.

実物ありのままで ご案内いたします


As it is
I'll guide you